Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AMV Process WorkFlow Step Two

Step Two continues pre-processing the source footage by deinterlacing it. I find the interlaced tearing artifacts very distracting and I've been a lot happier with the footage I use after its been processed.

I use Avidemux2 on the Mac to deinterlace the VOB files previously ripped using MacTheRipper. The process converts the file from a mpeg2 VOB file to a MJPEG AVI file.

These are the steps I follow:
After launching Avidemux2, click Open and select the VOB file to be deinterlaced.
Click Yes to Index the MPEG file, I don't append all the mpeg files together.
Skip the notification about multiple audio tracks.
On the left hand side, under Video, select MJPEG (lavc) from the pull down.
Click on Configure and change the setting from 90 to 100.
Click on Filters and then select Interlacing on the left hand side and TDeint from the list.
Click the + sign to add the filter, opening the TDeint window.
The selections for Field Order and Interpolate depend upon the individual DVD. If one set of choices looks bad, return to this window and try different ones.
For Type, select Modified ELA-2.
Click the Okay button, then Click the Close button.
On the left hand side, under Audio, select AAC (FAAC)
Click on the Audio menu tab at the top, and select Main Track
For Audio Source, select None. (the audio isn't needed for an AMV)
Click OK.
At the top, to the right of the Calculator button is a pull down menu, select Side to display a side by side comparison of the before and after results. Here is where you can judge if the Field Order and interpolate settings for TDeint are correct.
If the results look deinterlaced, click on the SAVE button at the top to deinterlace the footage.

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