Thursday, May 17, 2012

Varian - Leg Armor 2

More progress on the leg armor pieces for Varain Wrynn.

Adding the trim pieces along the edges added a lot of strength and solidity, although it also caused the armor to distort a bit. I still need to reheat the wonderflex to bend them back into shape.

I attached the knee plates to the shin guards. Each is supposed to have a lion head on it, which are still being finished. Once I'm happy with the way it looks, I plan to make a latex mold and slush cast two in resin. I was originally going to sculpt two out of Styrofoam, but the material is so soft I was worried it would become damaged easily while being worn. Hit something wrong once and the poor lion face would be crushed.

I'm debating dedicating the boots I have for this cosplay by attaching Velcro to the inside of the shin armor and the boots themselves in order to help hold the armor in place. Right now I use these boots for my Steampunk costume as well, but maybe I should get another pair? I'll try securing the armor with straps and see how well it holds in place.

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