Friday, July 22, 2011

Varian's Shoulders

Started work on Varian's Lion and Avian Shoulder armor. I was having trouble imagining how to sculpt them out of foam, so I used the WoW Model Viewer, Google Sketchup and Pepakura to create life sized papercraft of the two shoulder pieces.

I scaled the lion head a bit to large (about 30% over) so I dropped the size for the avian head down and it looks spot on. I'm hoping I can use these to help me create the corresponding foam versions.


Anonymous said...

Hello! As you move the 3D grid of the model on paper?
I want to cosplay fem version Varian Wrynn ^ ___ ^

Anonymous said...

hi i dont find model for varian wrynn shoulder pdf or pdo where can find it plz

Quinten Kalkman said...

I also have problems with finding the files for the shoulder plates. I really want to make them.

Unknown said...

Bit of a long shot but do you still have the pro files for these amazing shoulders? Thanks