Friday, October 8, 2010

Cabinet Updates

First I installed a new florescent fixture for the marquee light. The cabinet originally had a single incandescent bulb. Then I started on the T-Molding

I need to buy a new hot glue gun, the end of one piece of t-molding isn't staying in place on its own. I'm happy with how well the t-molding worked here, the original t-molding grove was offset and damaged in a lot of places.

The control panel wiring is nearly complete, I haven't figured out where to mount the spinner's little pcb board. Once I've figured that out, and tested all the buttons, then I'll tighten up the wiring, right now it is a bit of mess.

I'll put t-molding along the bottom edge of the top of the panel once the cpo is in place. Which reminds me I still need to design the cpo.

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