Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hat! - Crimson Embersilk Battlegear - Part 03

Vensy's Giant Hat Tutorial was a Huge help. I built a wire armature around the papercraft hat, following most of the polygon edges with wire. This would allow me to duplicate the asymmetrical look of the hat, the in-game version is crumpled, rather than a nice neat cone. (I found the welding wire on Amazon)

After removing the paper hat, I began to hand sew batting to the inside and outside of the wire frame and fortunately my Mother had a _ton_ of batting scraps left from her quilting projects. It took about a week to complete, but I wanted the batting to follow the shape of the hat as much as possible, so I stitched it along each wire "edge".

The next step was to shape the inside brim to make it wearable, adding padding to make it a snug, but comfortable fit on my head. I ended up using two small strips of EVA foam and more batting to shape it.

Then end result? I knew I was going to have a big wizard hat for Blizzcon!

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